The Art of Songwriting




On-Demand Video


About the Course

This Course will give you valuable insight into the Craft and Art of Songwriting. It features On-Demand Video so you can watch and learn in your own time.

There will be many helpful exercises as well as techniques explained so you can become the best songwriter you want to be.

After your purchase I will send you a link to my videos on VIMEO, where you can watch the videos anytime and learn in your own pace.

In addition to the videos I will offer support in WhatsApp where you can ask me any question if you feel stuck with your writing.

This course aims to equip you with great songwriting technique so you are able to bring your ideas to paper. I will not only explain how you can get a better songwriter but also walk you through the whole process from start to finish.

This course also features to work with Logic Pro and bring your ideas to life with a professional DAW.

If you don't own Logic I will also show how to use GarageBand and make it work for your ideas.

Your Instructor

Miriam Berrin

Miriam Berrin is a professional singer-songwriter and BMUS graduate in Contemporary Vocal Performance from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. She has many years of experience and her vocal technique is inspired by her tutors like Vic Bynoe, David Combes (The Voice, Oscar-winning Rami Malek) and Nicki Rogers. She also performed live with a string orchestra at the Royal College of Music.

Miriam Berrin