Find Your Song




4 weeks


About the Course

Find Your Song

This course will be for you if you don't know how to get started with songwriting but feel like there is a song inside of you.

We will look at technique and lyrics. .How to create emotion and the Do´s and Dont´s of good songwriting.

As I will be there to guide you every step of the journey we will meet online once a week and evaluate your ideas and develop your melody and song structure further.

You do not need to play an instrument but you should have a rough idea what your melody would sound like.

There is also the possibility to record a professional demo at the end of this course.

Your Instructor

Miriam Berrin

Miriam Berrin is a professional singer-songwriter and BMUS graduate in Contemporary Vocal Performance from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. She has many years of experience and her vocal technique is inspired by her tutors like Vic Bynoe, David Combes (The Voice, Oscar-winning Rami Malek) and Nicki Rogers. She also performed live with a string orchestra at the Royal College of Music.

Miriam Berrin