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I am a singer- songwriter and vocal coach based in Heidelberg.

So far I´ve worked for the Notting Hill School Of Rock and Sound Generation in London, engaged in various collaborations with other songwriters as well as singing lead on a vocal demo at the Royal College Of Music with a live string orchestra. 

As an accomplished pianist and singer I write piano-driven mainstream music with a nod to the Folk genre.

Listen to my radio interview on Radio Regenbogen "Wir sind von hier" on my website or find me on Instagram, Apple Music or Bandcamp to find out more.

Radio Regenbogen Interview + Single

About Me

In 2012 Miriam auditioned for the BMus Hons Vocal Degree (Grade 8 in music and Grade 6 in music theory) at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in Kilburn/London and sucessfully completed her studies this summer.

Her voice has that breathy ethereal quality to it that many contemporary female solo artists are leaning towards.

Famous and recent vocal tutors of her have included Vic Bynoe, David Combes (The Voice/ Rami Malek Bohemian Rhapsody) and singer- songwriter Nicki Rogers. All this gives her the ability to teach her own students to a very high standard but still make lessons fun and entertaining. 


Miriam teaches voice lessons for beginners to intermediate level for singers of all ages as well as music theory and piano for beginners up to Grade 4.​

In the past she had many wonderful and creative students who loved to explore their musicality and write lyrics or songs of their own. She enjoys the creative process of developing new song ideas and is always happy to offer support for songwriters as well as vocalists who would like to develop their vocal technique or need to brush up on their theory skills.



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